Bed Pad Sensor Alarm

Bed Pad Sensor Alarm

The BedPad Sensor Alarm is ideal for ensuring patient safety in and out of beds. The Industry's 1st Antimicrobial and Non-Skin sensitive cover combined with No Holes - "Incontinent Proof". Can be folded without damage. Comfortable ultra thin design. No weight restrictions and fully slip-resistant.

Bed Pad Sensor Alarm

·      Comes with a One Year Warranty

·      NEW! Industry's 1st Antimicrobial and Non-Skin sensitive covers

·      No Holes - "Incontinent Proof"

·      Can be folded without damage

·      Comfortable ultra thin design

·      No weight restrictions

·      Slip-resistant

·      Metal connector, no plastic

·      Can use with wide range of mattresses

·      Flashing alert light easily identifies activated alarm

·      Test & reset button

·      5' connecting cord

·      3 selectable alarm levels 80,90 and 120 db

·      Comes with Batteries and mounting bracket.

·      Tamper-resistant covers conceal alarm settings

·      Low battery indicator light & sound continues to alert until batteries are changed

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