FloorBed 1

FloorBed 1

At just 7.1cm FloorBed 1 is a little higher than a tennis ball, reducing the risk of injury from falls. It rises to full nursing height to facilitate care tasks and offers comprehensive functional and clinical benefits to maximise user safety. The FloorBed has all the profiling functions of a standard nursing bed.

FloorBed 1


  • Reduce the risk of injury in the event of a patient fall
  • Reduce the risk of carer injury
  • Enable independence and mobility

Technical Specifications

  • Overall dimensions - 925mm W x 2255mm L (36.4in W x 88.8in L)
  • Mattress size* - Standard Configuration -2000mm x 900mm (78.7in x35.4in)
  • Mattress size* - Extended Configuration  2200mm x 900mm (86.6in x35.4in)
  • Bed castor - 4 x 75mm with brake (2.5 x 3in with brake)
  • Mattress platform height - 71mm to 650mm (2.8in to 25.6in)
  • Maximum trapeze self-assist pole lifting load - 75kg /165lbs
  • Safe Working Load**  - 185kg /408lbs
  • Maximum Patient Weight** - 150kg /330lbs /24st
  • Audible noise  < 60dBA
  • Mass of Bed (excluding transport bracket) - 81.5kg /188lbs
  • Headboard - 20.5kg /45lbs
  • Footboard - 19.2 /42lbs
  • Mattress platform, head end - 23.0kg /50lbs
  • Mattress platform, foot end - 17.2kg /38lbs

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