FloorBed 2

FloorBed 2

With an ultra-low mattress platform giving a height of only 7cm, the FloorBed 2 significantly reduces the risk of injury if users roll out of bed. The FloorBed 2 offers all features of a fully functioning profiling bed, with an even higher nursing height of 80cm and a telescopic mechanism. This gives greater access for care staff at the head and foot end when at the nursing height.

FloorBed 2


  • FloorBed 2 raises to 800mm which facilitates a safer working height for taller carers
  • The low head and footboard enable access for care tasks such as hair care and lower limb dressing
  • Low head and footboard will facilitate access to sliding sheets at the head or foot of the bed allowing a single carer to reposition a person up or down the bed

Technical Specifications

  • Overall dimensions - 935mm W x 2285mm L (36.8in W x 90.0in L)
  • Mattress platform dimensions* - 900mm W x 2000mm L (35.4in W x 78.7in L)
  • Bedcastor - 4 x75mm with brake (4 x 3in with brake)
  • Mattress platform height - 71mm to 800mm (2.8in to 31.5in)
  • Max self-help pole lifting load -75kg (12st) (165lbs)
  • Safe Working Load** -185kg (29st) (408lbs)
  • Maximum patient Weight** -150kg (24st) (330lbs)
  • Audible noise  < 60dBA
  • Massof Bed (excluding transport bracket) - 93.2kg (14.5st) (205lbs)
  • Headboard - 26.5kg (4st) (58.5lbs)
  • Footboard - 26.5kg (4st) (58.5lbs)
  • Mattress platform, head end - 23.0kg (3.5st) (50lbs)
  • Mattress platform, foot end -17.2kg (2.7st) (38lbs)

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